Thursday, 21 April 2011

Somebody call a waahhhmbulance!

I took a couple of cold tablets last night and crashed by 10pm, hoping to get a great night's sleep and start feeling better today. Then our building's fire alarm went off. No smoke on our floor but we could smell a plastic burning smell by our bathroom (the ventilation system is shared between units). We were outside in less than a minute. Bare feet in winter boots and converse runners (poor teenage daughter's toes)... shrugging on coats as we exited the building.

I snagged my cellphone on the way out, just in case the fire was close enough we wouldn't be allowed back in, and took a few pictures. The fire was close enough to our apartment that we were worried about sparks landing on our balcony (some did but they all went out). Luckily far enough from the fire that we were allowed inside after just over an hour. I don't know where the 10 units on the 6th floor ended up.

We walked inside our apartment, ready to go to bed, and discovered puddles through the kitchen and living room. Warm puddles of smoky brown water (the puddles reeked!). Soon I discovered there was water pouring down the inside of the wall between the living room and kitchen. My own personal waterfall except I couldn't see it.

By 4am I had almost every single towel we own (bath, beach, kitchen, and hand) sopping wet and heaped in the sink. I was falling asleep on my feet and the water just kept pouring. I stuck a big polar fleece blanket on the kitchen floor (with a towel) and a bath towel plus my living room throw and the last two kitchen towels on the living room floor. Then I unplugged the computer, stuck anything electronic on a shelf and went to bed.

Not quite three hours later I woke up. The water had thankfully stopped pouring and the towels and blankets were sodden with water. There was another puddle in the living room. I piled every wet item into my bundle buggy as fast as I could and dragged them, water streaming behind me, down to the laundry room. When I got upstairs the kids had mopped the puddles off the floor so I gave the floor a quick dry and a mop with clean water and vinegar. Everything is back in place, the laundry is done and put away, I made even the kids their Easter chocolates. There was a lot of luck there. I was going to make them yesterday and store them on the balcony but both kids were home sick.

But now here I sit. I'm so cold I'm shaking, even with the heat up and a blanket wrapped around me. I am so tired I could cry. And I have no idea in the world what to make for dinner. Not only that but the grocery stores are closed tomorrow so if I don't get out shopping tonight, I don't know what we'll eat tomorrow either. Canned pumpkin and chickpeas on rice anyone? Hopefully one of my kids will have a burst of energy when they get home and I can bribe someone to head out.

For the positive side. I have the Physical Challenge for the Wii today. For those who have never used the My Fitness Coach, every 10 workouts you have to weigh and measure yourself then do a variety of exercises and measure your pulse. When I weighed myself this morning the scale read 170lbs... leaving me at a 42lb weight loss (woo hoo... meaning of life!). Next week I plan to be in the 160's!

I didn't bother watermarking the pictures because a) I'm too darn tired and b) they're so crappy I can't imagine anyone stealing them in the first place LOL

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