Monday, 25 April 2011

I love where I live!

There's a lot going for our location. We're directly across the street from a grocery store and big drug store. We live minutes away from family. We have four busses all within steps of our complex (including two that take us to our local YMCA). But one of my favourite things about where I live is how close we live to a park.

I walk out the side door of our building and down the street and I'm here...

... within minutes I can pretend I'm in the woods instead of in town. Listening to the birds... looking for rabbits... oohing over flowers...

If I want to go on a long walk then I usually catch the regional bus right beside the park and head into the next town over for a longer trail. Our local trail has a few quirks. The paved path starts midway through the park and is quite short. The rest of the path can get quite muddy and overgrown. And a chunk of the path is mainly used by the local teen population in search of a quiet place to hang out.

I headed out this morning for a walk knowing I'm not going to get another chance until next weekend. It started raining early this afternoon and isn't due to stop until sometime on Friday. It was quite dull out and chilly (especially compared to Saturday) but there were signs that spring really is coming. Greening grass, a few hardy blooms, buds opening on trees. I took a picture of myself at the top of a small local cliff (one usually only seen by local teens) and you can see how dull everything looks behind me.

Hopefully the buds I was looking at today... and this week's worth of rain... will make next weekend's walk more green!

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