Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Hungry Monster has arrived!

Last week was so easy for losing weight, thanks to the fact that I was sick and just didn't feel like eating. I wasn't exercising (other than coughing) but cutting back on food was a breeze. No snacks, I wasn't hungry for them. Light meals and I was often full before I finished. At 8pm I was getting ready for bed and was a lot more interested in crawling into bed than having something to tide me over until morning.

This week is another story. I got up this morning and had to eat before exercising because I was so hungry. It's like my stomach is it's own entity... and it's a perpetually grumpy, pissed off entity growling "I'm hungry... feed me!!!" Within an hour of feeding the beast, it's back up and demanding more.

It's only 2:30pm here and I'm snacking on an apple in the hopes of quelling the Hungry Monster until a bit closer to dinner. The wind's *only* gusting to 56km/h now and it's currently not raining. I think I'll head across the street for a brisk walk to keep my mind off my stomach!

Update: I had a good brisk walk and did not get blown away by the wind. As you can see from the picture there's a *bit* more green and a lot more water thanks to all the rain we've had this week. I went out grocery shopping with my daughter last night and we picked out thin veggie patties and whole wheat WW buns along with low-fat, low-sodium frozen fries. We looked for lower sodium pickles too (that was interesting LOL). Burgers, fries, and home made fat-free chocolate pudding. I'm also making a salad. It should be good!

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