Saturday, 17 September 2011

Statistics... but not the boring kind...

I wrote a blog entry this morning and added a link on Facebook. Then I started looking at all my entries and seeing zero, zero, zero, five... Oh yeah, the five responses was when my daughter corrected the spelling of her favourite band and her height. That was how I found out she had a blog and immediately put her on my follow list until she decided having her Mom as her only follower wasn't really cool and took me back off again. Hon, I swear I didn't put a picture of me wearing a glitter wig and dancing on a chair in my blog. I only described it.

The zero replies and lack of comments on Facebook made me wonder if I'm the only person reading this blog. Hello... hello out there... *listens to echos*

Then I noticed a "Stats" link and started fiddling with it. According to Blogger 1,904 people, not including me, have viewed my blog since I started writing this spring. I must be some awesomely super negative person because it was only 1,880-something before they stopped tracking my views. I viewed my page -24 times? Scratching my head.

Most of the views are from Canada and several hundred are from the States. I've also had views from Australia, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Singapore (I love your virgin slings by the way), Belgium (ditto your chocolate), Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Turkey, and Latvia.

They have come here via searching various things like:

40lb dog
today's positive steps
little girl back stock
preteen girls in school uniforms
running up stairs
steps dealing with stress

I hope the person looking for preteen girls in school uniforms was very bored with my site (which completely lacks both). Same with little girls in back stock. I don't know what you're looking for (my first thought was scrapbooking with little girl silhouettes made out of card stock... which is undoubtedly wrong but I can live with being wrong in this case) but I'm sure you didn't find it here.

And they've come from various sites. Mostly Facebook and two forums I belong to (both of which have my blog address in my signature) but also from my friend Theresa's blog. Thanks Theresa!

So now I know I have people reading my blog. Very shy people but they're there. And now that you know I know you're reading... feel free to reply sometimes so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself.

Thanks for reading :o)


  1. I'm here! I read it! I need to learn how to play with the stats features that blogger offers. All I have are "page views" right now.

  2. ...You're still on my followers list.... If you're not then YOU took yourself off.... And I have 3 other followers! You weren't the first one and you're not the only one.... I also have several friends unofficially following my blog.

  3. Thanks WickedBunny and sorry hon, when I looked at your page the Followers section looked blank. I'm glad I'm still there and I'm not your only follower.