Friday, 12 August 2011

Blogging along...

Yesterday was busy. I worked from 6:30am to just after 2pm. This included wielding a call from the dentist. She was not, as I first presumed, calling to charge my son rent. He'd shown up just before 10:30am for a noon appointment... explaining to me that he simply didn't want to be late. No, she was calling because he'd suddenly developed a phobia of needles, specifically dentist needles, while in the dentist's chair... for a filling. I can honestly say that life is never boring.

I raced to the soccer field directly from work to watch my son play for a few minutes. Then I hurried home and got changed from my work uniform into my rally clothes. The company I work for was having a rally for all it's staff, from stores all over this part of Ontario. I was the one wearing a bright orange t-shirt with a disco ball on the front and a shiny metallic wig. Okay (thankfully) I was one of about 40 in that outfit. It was loud, busy, cheesy and fun. The person who walked into the room directly in front of me won a brand new ipod Nano (I won nothing LOL). I danced on my chair... I danced on the stage. I figure I got some good cardio in there.

We all went out for dinner at the Mandarin. It's a Chinese buffet restaurant and I *think* I ate pretty well there. It's hard when you're faced with table after table of foods, and even harder when you're hungry. But I started off with a plate full of salads and vegetables then went back and had my favourite noodles and a slice of bread... and finally went back with a side plate for dessert.

Today was a lot more quiet. I had a pounding headache by bedtime so ended up sleeping in this morning. Then I exercised with the Wii My Fitness Coach. For lunch I had this salad. I marinated tomatoes, peppers, onions and chickpeas in balsamic vinegar, dill, and garlic then tossed them with baby greens, light salad dressing, dill, red pepper flakes, and a tablespoon of hemp oil. It was yummy and filling! I had a fresh Ontario peach for dessert too :o)

After lunch I caught the bus and went one town over to go for a walk. It was so peaceful, I love walking under the trees, listening to the rustling leaves and hearing the birds singing. There were flowers blooming in the sunny patches and I saw a woodpecker. Cheeky little guy was knocking holes in a tree right beside the path at waist height. The trail meanders along, crossing back and forth over the same creek.

Tomorrow I'm baking banana muffins. I've got almost a full chocolate bar of 90% cocoa. I'm going to melt it down and add it to the batter to give it a bit of flavour. It should be yummy!

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