Sunday, 18 September 2011

More examples of my stellar parenting

or something LOL

Son: I'm going out with my friend on my bike
Me: Okay, where are you going?
Son: We're going to hang out in the parking lot outside Country Style.
Me: Okay, don't get hit by a car.
Son: I'm taking my netbook with me and the cord because it won't stay on unless it's plugged in.
*note he found this netbook beside the dumpster out back*
Me: Sounds good. If it catches on fire, unplug it before dumping water on it.

I covered all the basics right?


  1. My laptop broke and I'm still looking for a job so I can replace it.... exactly why was HE the one that just happened to find a netbook? -.- I actually need a computer for school work and Nana's computer is slow -.-

  2. Trust me hon, you don't want this one. It runs Windows CE 6.0. It can't open any exe files... which means it can't run any updates at all or download anti-virus programs. It can't open a single webpage that has video either. And it's slower than molasses. You'd be better off doing smoke signals in binary than using this netbook. I'm not surprised it was in the garbage... I'm more surprised it was there in one piece.

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  4. I just googled:

  5. Why was my comment removed? :S (took me a while to remember I won't get email notifications if you reply to my comment)

  6. When did I swear in it? totally can't remember

  7. ....I can't read the comment, you deleted it.