Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bonus day...

I woke up this morning and was surprised to see sunshine as the forecast was overcast and rainy all day with the occasional thunderstorm to brighten things up. Just how I enjoy my day off :o/

After breakfast I pulled my son out and we took the bus to a nearby hiking trail. It was quite muggy out but we still got in a good walk. I didn't take any pictures but the trail looked the same then as it did today LOL

I was feeling really bad about my novel yesterday. It didn't help I'd spent the last several days wading through the first 50 pages, changing almost every single sentence. By the time I reached page 50 I was thinking "This is complete and utter crap... what on earth was I thinking when I wrote this". Last night I didn't want to edit a single page so I went back and re-read and it was fine. The revisions made sense, the conversations sounded like people talking, and the main character is cracking a few jokes. So this afternoon I've been slogging away again.

Son is outside running around the neighbourhood. I'm not exactly sure where he is but I'm sure he's being a lot more quiet than the kids currently hanging around in front of our building. They make me wish some hipster would turn muzzles into a fashion trend. Fifteen minutes ago they held a screaming contest. I'm not sure who won... the kids or the person screaming for them to shut up. I think it was a tie.

Shutting my bedroom window, turning the fan on high (to drown out the little charmers) and going back to revising.

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