Friday, 11 May 2012

Something for me...

I went onto a digital scrapbooking store's website a few days ago, looking for a moving day scrapbook kit. However, when I typed "moving" into their search box, this kit popped up...

The colours drew me to the kit, then I saw "positive" and the shiny yellow sun. The more I read, the more I realized the kit was perfect for me. This move is going to be a positive change, a fresh start, a new beginning. I am going to have way more options, exercise wise, at our new home. I can't wait until I can scrapbook some new diet pages!

Ironically, when I went back onto the website to find the kit I'd bought, they had a new kit listed 20% off titled Celebrate {You}...

Colin looked at it and said, "You have to buy that for you". So I did. Luckily digital scrapbooking is a lot cheaper hobby than traditional scrapbooking. This kit cost me $4 and is my Mother's Day present to myself (both kids have told me in the past day they had no idea Mother's Day was this weekend so I'm expecting nothing).

And I had great news today. After a solid month of being told they'd know "today" when the current tenant of our new apartment is moving out, I finally heard from the superintendent and he's moving out on the 25th. Four days before our move. So I'll be able to go in early to clean and measure curtains. It's so nice knowing we'll be moving into a clean apartment.

And I'm off to do some more packing!

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