Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Neverending boxes

At least that's how it feels. These days my life seems to consist of going to work, picking up boxes at work, coming home, and packing.

Last week was the worst. I'd pack a bunch of boxes but nothing seemed to change. I had stuff piled everywhere to sort into boxes, yet the cupboards and drawers all still had stuff in them. Some nights I woke positive my drawers were breeding endless amounts of stuff.

This week, things are slowly improving. The hutch in the dining room is empty, as is the computer desk and both bookcases. Several dresser drawers have been emptied as well. All the pictures are off the walls and the tops of my kitchen cupboards are barren.

In some ways I may have been a bit too hasty. I went to turn on my bedside lamp last night, only to remember I packed it. Along with all the pillows on the couch. I keep reminding myself it's only three weeks... then I panic all over again and pack a few more boxes.

I feel like this is a dream. We had a whirlwind trip through the apartment that left all of us struggling to remember what exactly the apartment was like. Some things stand out clearly, like the second balcony and the storage closet. Others... not so much.

Was it carpeted or hardwood floors? I asked my Mom. She thinks hardwood but wasn't entirely sure. Where there blinds? She asked me. I think there were curtains but I'm not sure either.

It's weird moving into a place you only half remember. I keep telling myself that in three more weeks I'll be going downstairs for a swim. In three more weeks I'll be on the treadmill listening to my MP3 player. In three more weeks I'll be riding my bike in the local conservation area. I might as well be telling myself that in three more weeks I'll be flapping my arms and flying to the moon because that feels just as likely.

Speaking of the moon. I took some pictures of the supermoon this year and have to share them. I walked to the greenspace across the street and went to the cliff in the back in the hopes it would give me a better view. I watched and waited and, just as I was about to admit defeat, I noticed something bright orange shining through the leaves...

I really wanted to take my pictures before the sun fully set as I loved the orange look of the moon. Then noticed a hill behind me. That brought me just above the trees...

This one is my favourite shot...

A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of the supermoon rising over water. Next supermoon (June 23, 2013) I'm planning on hanging out at the lake with my camera.

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  1. gorgeous kathleen! well done....... good luck with all the moving, packing, unpacking! stay tough!