Monday, 20 February 2012

Feeling very positive!

I've been working hard on eating healthy and exercising. I haven't been perfect but I wasn't aiming for perfection. I've been eating only when I'm truly hungry, making healthy foods, exercising with the My Fitness Coach on the Wii, and eating minimal treats.

Yesterday my son and I went to visit friends. They have a workout room and a pool in their condo and we went downstairs to exercise for a half hour (then relaxed in the hot tub afterwards... what a treat). I've been wanting a picture of me exercising for my diet scrapbook but don't think cameras are allowed upstairs at the Y. I've never seen anyone taking a photo up there and they don't even have pictures of the exercise area on their website. First thing I did was get my son to take a photo of me on the elliptical.

I exercised with the My Fitness Coach this morning then went out for a walk with my Dad and my son (and my sister's dog). I made a big pot of lentil-vegetable stew for lunch today too (with plenty of leftovers for work).

I weighed and measured myself this morning and have lost two pounds. I've also lost half an inch off my neck, arm, hips, and thigh and an inch off my waist. Then I went onto SparkPeople and looked at my beginning numbers there from January 1, 2009 to compare to now.

January 2009..........February 2012
Weight: 212lbs........Weight: 170lbs
Waist: 44in...............Waist: 37in
Hips: 46in................Hips: 41in
Neck: 16in...............Neck: 14.5in

It didn't seem like much of a difference, day to day, but it sure adds up. Each "that food was so yummy but I am truly full and there will be yummy food again... I'm not getting seconds"... each "I'm not going to eat chocolate just because it's there... I'll wait until I truly want some than have a little bit"... each "I'm going to start my day off right with some exercise, I'll feel better than if I slept for an extra 20 minutes"... they all build up and make a huge difference by the end. One drop of water, by itself, is tiny. All together they make the ocean.

Last May I was so excited because I dropped down to 169lbs... for a day... after a wicked chest cold (I'd barely eaten anything that week). This time I know that I'll be in the 160's the next time I weigh myself and it won't be because of illness and lack of food. And I'll keep doing better from there.


  1. That is fantastic, keep up the good work, i hope to have some awesome results jut like you. you will be a great inspiration for many, oh and keep smiling.