Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I wrote the background of why we're moving on March 26th titled The Waiting Game but didn't advertise it as I wanted to wait until we had an apartment before shouting it from the roof tops.

The last two weeks have been nerve-wracking. And I mean that in a "please pass me a paper bag because I'm hyperventilating" kind of way. We didn't even find out about the unit until April 2nd (our 60 day mark for giving notice). We viewed it on April 3rd but they didn't have the amount for the rent so we couldn't finish the paperwork. Went back on the 4th to finish the paper work then had to wait for the background checks to be completed so I could be approved... or not.

One of the scariest parts was when one of the office staff commented that she didn't know what management did but if it were up to her, she'd wait until several people viewed the unit then pick the best one. Ack... I was the first one to view the unit. How long would I have to wait??? The other was that I had to give notice here before finding out about the new place.

Of course last weekend was the Easter long weekend so management was away. I called yesterday... again. By this time the office staff knows me on a first name basis and recognizes my voice. I got transferred to the manager who told me he'd know by today. You can imagine how nervous I was at work. I kept having to stop and remind myself to take deep breaths.

I checked my messages every hour, only to hear "no new messages" right up until I was leaving. I started jumping up and down in the break room yelling "I got the apartment" and came *this* close to hugging my very startled looking supervisor.

The unit we're getting is even better than the one we originally looked at. Tonnes of storage, including an ensuite storage room, and two balconies. I'm going to have a balcony of my own right off my bedroom.

I can't wait!!! Two more months until I'm saying to my son "I'm just going on the treadmill for 20 minutes"...

... or "I'm heading downstairs for a swim before bed"...

Two months until we live down the street from a conservation area...

Two months until the library is a short walk through a park.

(picture by my friend Lynda Cormack)

It will be wonderful!!! Now onward to two months of packing.

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