Friday, 4 November 2011

Generation gap

Last night my son and I were talking at the dinner table. Son is very worried about the elevators in our building. He's regularly concerned the cords are going to snap, sending everyone inside plummeting to their doom.

After several minutes of elevator talk I told my son he was like Chicken Little, trumpeting "the sky is falling".

Son looked at me blankly then said, "Yes, but Chicken Little was right at the end".

"No he wasn't," I reminded him, slightly puzzled. "It just turned out to be an acorn."

"Yes," son insisted. "It was an acorn at the beginning but then the aliens came."

Aliens? I seriously began questioning my son's sanity at this point. What aliens? There's no aliens in the book...

That was when the light bulb lit. There was a movie, which I'd never seen but apparently son had.

"No, son," I explained. "Not the movie, the book."

That was his turn to look confused while I explained the book to him. I guess that was one book I missed in his childhood.

It's funny how you can talk to someone, think you're both talking about the same thing, and discover you both have something completely different in mind.

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