Saturday, 4 June 2011

Changing perspectives

I went to make breakfast this morning and thought it would be so nice to have some berries to go along with it. Except we didn't have any. Why? Because I looked at the container of blueberries in the store yesterday and thought "three dollars for blueberries... that's way too much" and put them back.

Yet last week I spent $7 for a container of four Skinny Cow ice cream cones for the kids and I. It was a splurge and a treat. We split a carton of ice cream last night (a small bowl for me... the rest for the kids) that I considered a great deal at $3 for 946mL. So why is it a great deal to buy ice cream for $3 and way too expensive to buy blueberries for the same price?

So today I went out and bought two containers of strawberries (on sale $2 each), two containers of blackberries (on sale $1 each), and I splurged on the container of blueberries.

And they're yummy!

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  1. You know what - I do that all the time but just realized it when I read this.

    I'll skip buying something like blueberries or raspberries that are usually $4 or so, but think nothing of spending $20 at the chip stand (to be fair, they do have awesome poutine!)...

    I'm going to have to remember this post next time I'm shopping :)