Sunday, 1 May 2011

Feeling productive

I weighed myself yesterday morning and was thrilled to see the scale at 169lbs. I've broken that mental roadblock... now onward towards the 150's! I'd say that was fast but I've been bouncing between 170 and 176lbs for just over half a year now. The next break through, from 160 to 159lbs will be faster!

I was all set to pull out the My Fitness Coach yesterday morning when my sister called and asked if we wanted to go on a walk with her. Most of the walk was at child's pace (fitting as we were walking with three children) but there were some challenging parts... including one hill that made me very glad I've been working out regularly. A little steeper and it would have been a cliff instead of a hill!

I've been feeling very productive today. This morning I worked out on the My Fitness Coach before church. After church I ate a healthy lunch then teenage son and I went to our local Y to work out for 20 minutes on the elliptical and swim for 20 minutes in the pool. I'm looking forward to getting back there tomorrow evening for Bars and Plates (an hour long exercise class with steps and weights).

When we got home I multi-tasked in the kitchen. I chopped up and roasted a variety of veggies in the oven for homemade pizza tonight and crock pot spaghetti sauce on Tuesday. I made raspberry vegetarian jell-o... with the bottom layer full of thawed mixed berries and the top whipped with a hand blender so it was foamy. I made granola bars and had them all set on the counter to go into the oven as soon as the pizza came out. I tossed a salad for myself and teenage daughter. And I also got a loaf of bread prepped and popped into the bread machine (it's cooling on the counter). Not only did we have a yummy and healthy dinner but much of the prep work's been done for Tuesday's dinner as well. I work from 7:30am to 4pm on Tuesday so having sauce ready to pop into the crockpot that morning will be very appreciated.

I think keeping on top of things is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. I've found that the times I'm eating the worst are the times where I'm constantly feeling like I'm running to catch up. It's too easy to relax for an hour after work then try to decide, while everyone's hungry, what to make for dinner and come up with frozen pizza or take out from a nearby restaurant. It's easy to forgo exercise in the morning in order to catch up on sleep missed the night before. It's easy to skip going to the Y in the evening because nothing was planned in advance for dinner and, oops, there's no time to go now.

I like feeling that I've accomplished something. I like sitting here, all ready for bed, knowing the dishes are washed, we have yummy and nutritious food prepared for tomorrow, I've exercised, and nothing more is waiting for me than a bed with the sheets freshly turned down and a good book.

And, with that, sweet dreams everyone! I've got a book waiting for me :o)


  1. I agree - whenever things are busy or disorganized here, we eat horribly...if there's too much to do, I always suggest take-out (which isn't really all that much faster when I think about it). When I'm on top of things, it's actually easy to make a normal, healthy supper.

  2. And even more good news - you won the book giveaway on Cake Wrecks for The Book of Even More Awesome! Please email your name and mailing address to us at

    Wreck on!:)
    aka wrecky minion

  3. Oh my goodness... thanks for letting me know :o)